At AIM, we believe in a comprehensive service approach to sports management in which all football industry stakeholders have an opportunity to develop a profitable, transparent, and secure business. AIM possesses the experience and technical skills acquired over more than a decade in Latin America and Europe to meet these objectives.

Player representation

After the scouting and contract preparation process, we move into the personalized stage of development, which focuses on the following aspects:

Contractual relationship with national clubs and teams

Presence in transfer markets

Legal and
tax advice

Nutritional, physical and psychological counseling

Marketing, image and media communication

Sponsorship with sports brands

Personal assistance

“As a player, I never lost a ball, firmly believing that work and commitment are not negotiable. Those two concepts I always saw in AIM for me and my career "

– Manuel Iturra

“AIM’s sports management in my short career, together with years of hard work, have allowed me to be part of the club that I always dreamed of… Real Madrid CF”

– Juan Manuel Hernández

“My relationship with AIM has been marked by professional and personal growth. It has allowed me to go to countries with long football traditions like Portugal, Spain and Mexico, as well as a distant and emerging country in football, like Saudi Arabia"

– Igor Lichnovsky

About AIM

Our sports agency is located in Chile, Mexico and Spain, where we provide footballers, clubs and sports brands with all the tools needed to conduct profitable, transparent, and secure business.

Our goal is to achieve the most favorable contractual conditions for our clients by engaging our extensive network of management committees and clubs that have a presence in the most prestigious international championships.

Moreover, we provide comprehensive consultancy services to players, which allows them to focus entirely on their performance and family life. Consequently, we provide support in all aspects related to the professional practice of football: contracts, engagement with clubs and national teams, relationships with brands, image rights and tax matters, among others.

Complementary services

Mediation with professional clubs

Organization of official matches