About us

“13 years ago we began to realize our dream with great enthusiasm, hard work and dedication. Today, having built a solid business, we have players in more than 15 countries, a presence across 3 continents and more than 20 people striving towards that same dream."


About us

AIM Fútbol is a company created in May 2008 dedicated to consulting, advising and managing sports projects, with an emphasis on football. We specialize in the representation of professional athletes, organizational development and the development of performance techniques.

Our founders saw a business opportunity in football (and sports in general) that combines the professionalization of the field with a comprehensive advisory for future players. Our main objective is to recruit and represent players who have values both on and off the pitch and develop their professional and personal career to the highest possible level.

In the commercial sphere, AIM Fútbol has offices in Chile and Spain and an intermediary license to legally operate in all the business areas in which we specialize.

Our mission

AIM’s mission is to generate value in football through extensive work with clubs, players, coaches, the media, and fans, creating a direct connection between Latin American and European markets.

For AIM, the professionalization of football and its players is the key to progress in the sport of football. Our multidisciplinary team covers all the different areas of professional performance, including representation, scouting, legal advice, player assistance, and image and media advice. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of players and sports clubs and ensuring the ongoing presence of our players in different international markets.