AIM Soccer Company was created in May 2008, dedicating to areas involving consulting, assessment and sport projects development, with emphasis in soccer. AIM Soccer specializes in representing professional sportsmen, in organizational development and in developing performance techniques. 

Its founders have seen in soccer and in all sports an opportunity to set up the professionalization of the activity making it compatible with the integral assessment of future sportsmen. The company´s main goal is to attract and represent athletes who have personal and professional values. 

As related to the business management area, AIM Soccer has offices in Chile and Spain, besides owning the appropriate licenses for operating as a UEFA agent, as a FIFA agent and as a RFEF soccer player's agent. This allows the company to work in a clear and openness way in all of its business areas in which AIM Soccer specializes in.

“10 years ago back in 2008, we began a dream full of hope, hard work and effort. In this long  road we've had a lot of  happiness and some deceptions with a few players represented across 15 countries around the world we were able to build what we are today in 2018, a solid company working in 3 continents and with a 20 people team working for the same dream.”