Through its representative agency which is present in every country in South America and with a work base in Spain for dealing with the European soccer market, AIM gives soccer players, clubs and sport related brands all the necessary tools for making of this activity a profitable, transparent and secure business. 

Before making the decision of representing an athlete we make sure that the candidates fulfill a list of prerequisites that will be crucial in their professional success. For achieving this objective we have implemented a scouting network in Chile and South America, selecting the best recruitment agents in whom we placed our trust in that they will do their best for the players. The agents´ task is to keep track of every case and project, together with AIM Soccer, regarding the professional development of the player in his way to the major world soccer leagues.

Likewise, the AIM Soccer representative agency relies on a structure that allows it to sound out the reality and needs of every player, which includes all relevant aspects for the sportsman development since its very beginnings and during his entire career.